Peruvian Students Will Participate In Aerospace Competition In The US


A group of researchers from the Center for Information Technology and Communications (CTIC) of the National University of Engineering (UNI) will participate in the Airliss 2018 aerospace competition in the United States, with a robot and mini-satellite prototype that collects information during the exploration of territories.

According to information from UNI, cited by Andina News Agency, “in this competition, which will run from September 9 to 15 in the desert of Black Rock, Nevada, the Peruvian delegation will compete with the prototype ‘Rover Cansat Come Back’, a robot and mini-satellite similar to ‘Curiosity’”.

This prototype collects information on pressure, humidity and temperature for the study of metals, rocks and vegetation, through images captured during the exploration of territories.

The team made up of Daniel Santiváñez, Romel Valqui, Richard Santiago, Yover Castro, Zaid Sánchez, Nilton Ramos and Jairo Abdalá, from the “Smart Machines” laboratory at CTIC UNI, is very enthusiastic and with the best expectations.

“The fact that the prototype gains recognition abroad or shows a level similar to Japanese technology, is already a breakthrough,” said the UNI team.

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