Peruvian Students Developed Kano: A Mobile Videogame With The Jungle’s Myths As Background


Five Peruvian students created the mobile videogame “Kano”. The main peculiarity is the story: the game is set in the legend of the Lupuna Tree, in Pucallpa, Ucayali. A traditional myth from the jungle.

André Dulanto, one of the designers, explained to Andina that his team wanted to revalue the myths and legends of the Peruvian jungle through a videogame.

The main character in called Kano, a 15 year-old boy who needs to find the sacred tree to free himself from a curse. The gamer must guide Kano on a journey to the Sacred Tree of the Lupuna. In this adventure he will face mythological beings on three levels. The game can last between 8 and 10 minutes.

“We investigated the myth of the Lupuna tree of Pucallpa to design the main character Kano. He’s a young man who was put under a spell by a witch who sentenced him to live alone until he was 16”, explained Dulanto.

The Lupuna tree is considered the giant of the Amazon rainforest. It reaches a height of over 50 meters and a diameter of over one meter. For decades its trunk was used to make rafts and now it is used for furniture. Poisonous spiders, giant toads and a treant (a living tree that regenerates if you cut it), are some of the obstacles.

The game is still in its final stage of development. However, fans will be able to try it for free at the Mas Gamers Festival convention, starting this Friday, August 31th, until September 2nd. The role-playing game for smartphones, was designed by five students of the Cibertec Videogame Design career. “Kano” will be available soon on Android devices.

(Cover Photo Cibertec)

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