ZTE Will Deploy More Than 1,000 Base Stations In Peru For Bitel Network Coverage


ZTE, an international provider of telecommunications solutions and technology for mobile Internet, announced on Monday that it has reached an agreement with Bitel, a leading operator in the telecommunications market in Peru and 1,000 base stations will be deployed in the country.

As part of the new agreement with ZTE these base stations will be set between this year and 2020. One of Bitel’s main objectives is to provide wireless services nationwide in Peru.

“During the first phase of the plan, ZTE will install 200 base stations in 183 provinces of the country to build a national network throughout its territory”, Gestión explained.

Meanwhile, Bitel will invest around $110 million US dollars in the deployment of its network in the 2.5 GHz band for the benefit of more than 3 million people throughout the country.

(Cover Photo Pixnio)

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