Places To Visit During This Long Weekend


Since the government declared today and tomorrow as non-working days for the public and private sectors of Metropolitan Lima and Callao, you can enjoy your free time in these places located in the northern part of the country!

Andina News agency said that the north “can be reached in a short time thanks to the good road connectivity, and be surprised by the beauty and history of its attractions.”, so, gather your belongings and go explore!


In Barranca, the northernmost of the provinces of the Lima region, you can find internationally recognized attractions such as the Sacred City of Caral, the archaeological site of Aspero, the Fortress of Paramonga, the Community Museum of Supe and the Bolivarian Museum of Pativilca.

You can also visit the beaches located here and enjoy delicious seafood.


The province of Huaura and its capital Huacho, offer visitors extraordinary attractions such as the Albufera de Medio Mundo regional conservation area, the La Encantada lagoon, the Pittaluga countryside and the Lachay National Reserve, beautiful scenarios that invite a meeting with the ecology and the rest of the hand with nature.


This province is located north of Lima, at about 81 kilometers. Here, you can enjoy valleys with archaeological remains and a varied gastronomy.

Hacienda Huando is also a great place to visit here. It consists of an impressive castle with spectacular flora and fauna.

(Cover Photo Wikimedia Commons)

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