Arequipa Is The 5th “Coolest” City In The World


Gastronomy and breathtaking landscapes have made Arequipa a desired destination to visit.

The BBC World chain highlighted today a ranking done by Forbes magazine that indicates that Arequipa has been designated as the fifth “coolest” city in the world to visit this 2018.

El Comercio explained that this Peruvian city has also been named as the 5th “coolest” cities in Latin America.

This first city on the list is León in Nicaragua, followed by Medellín, Colombia. These are “destinations increasingly popular but less internationally renowned than others of the same latitude, such as Granada and Cartagena.”, according to El Comercio.

Forbes also locates Puebla, in Mexico, in eighth place, besides recommending visiting other cities in Africa and Asia.

Arequipa stands out, according to the Forbes ranking, because of its gastronomy. “Classic dishes, such as rocoto relleno, chupe de camarones and ocopa, are in the so-called Ciudad Blanca, and are best enjoyed in the traditional picanterías of the city”, Forbes wrote.

The magazine also describes Arequipa as s “small gem”, full of colonial splendor and breathtaking Andean landscapes, such as the Misti volcano, and the city’s cathedral.

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