Peru Is Voted The Team With The Most Fans


Eurosport has created a poll to decide which World Cup team has more fans, and Peru is in the first place!

“Each World Cup is the best scenario to see the colors of the fans of each participating country. In the streets of Russia and in each stadium we will see fans from all corners of the world. Who are the best fans for you?”, they wrote.

Currently, the most voted countries are Peru, in the first place with more than 200,000 votes, followed by Panama (more than 160,000), Mexico (more than 17,700), and Colombia (more than 4,600). You can still go online and vote for your favorite team.

Nevertheless, it’s no wonder that Peru is in the first place, with what these soccer fanatics have done to get a ticket to root for their team in the World Cup in Russia.

Stories that go from 64-hour long round trips, or putting on 24 kg of weight to apply for one of the special easy-access extra-width seats that are much easier to get, are just some of the hundreds of experiences Peruvians have had to see their team play.

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