“SAT-1 Peru’s Anomaly Is Random”: Satellite’s Former Head Of Quality


Ronald Barrientos, former head of quality assurance for the satellite system SAT-1, spoke about the questioning of the operation of his software, explaining that the anomaly detected is random.

“Its function is to transmit terrestrial images of the Peruvian territory, which can be used for security and defense tasks, among others”, according to Canal N.

He told the media that at first this anomaly could have not been detected because “we did not have the necessary implementation to be able to calibrate the needed evaluations”, Barrientos said.

“When I was dropped off due to political pressure at the end of 2016, we had already undertaken to implement a platform to verify the quality of the image”, he said, adding that a satellite whose mission is to observe the Earth has to develop high-quality images.

To the specialist the anomaly detected wasn’t seen at the moment of implementation, since it can’t be detected at first sight.

According to a report published by the newspaper El Comercio, “engineers of the Space Agency of Peru detected in February of this year a ‘serious technical failure’ in the aforementioned satellite, which affects the quality of the images it sends”, Canal N informed.

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