Is Satellite SAT-1 Peru Broken?


The Peruvian satellite SAT-1 Peru was acquired in 2014 by the then President Ollanta Humala and it is known since Sunday that it has a failure that affects 28% of the quality of the images obtained.

According to information from RPP Noticias, this failure would have started from the beginning of the operations phase, and Airbus DS (the French company who sold the satellite to Peru) admitted that it is such a complex problem that specific people need to get involved to fix it.

“The problem is very complex and requires specific people involved in the development of the geometrical attitude refinement algorithm that has been made available for this resolution of anomalies”, they told the aforementioned media.

Yesterday, García said that the purchase of SAT-1 Perú, valued at $205 million US dollars “is a scam for Peru”.

“After Garcia’s accusations, Humala lashed out on his Twitter account and said that the APRA leader is the ‘sum the antithesis of how politics should be done’”, you can read in RPP Noticias.

For their part, the National Commission of Aerospace Research and Development (Conida) clarified that the satellite SAT-1 Perú is working in perfect conditions.

(Cover Photo Wikimedia)

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