The largest Money-Laundering-Man Of The Narcos Of Vraem Was Arrested


“Escorpión” was arrested yesterday morning by agents of the Dirila in his home in San Juan de Lurigancho for laundering of goods and money of the narcos “Marquiño” and “Jarachupa”.

For the last two years, the police have been tracking the money of two of the most important drug traffickers in the valley of the Apurímac, Ene and Mantaro rivers (Vraem): Marco Lagos Ávila, “Marquiño”, and Luis Rivera Muñoz, “Jarachupa”.

When the agents of the Investigation Division against Organized Crime, of the Direction of Money Laundering (Dirila), looked for properties in the name of the narcos, they found in Public Records that the children of “Marquiño” and the nephew of “Jarachupa” had been registered as agents of several companies, among these three linked to the businessman Guzmán Espinoza Aguirre, “Escorpión”, with an operation center in Palmapampa, in Vraem.

“According to the police investigations, the companies of “Marquiño” are GEA Imports and Exports, GEA Motors Investments and Vision Track Inversiones, which are represented by their children Marco and Mayda Lagos Muñoz”, La República explained.

The media also informs that in the three companies of “Marquiño” and “Jarachupa” there is a man in common: Guzmán Espinoza Aguirre, “Escorpión”.

After several months of follow-up, the police detected that the companies created in 2004, 2009 and 2013 started with modest capitals and suddenly recorded spectacular increases.

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