The Most Dangerous Volcanoes In Peru Are In Arequipa And Moquegua


Of the total of 16 active volcanoes in Peru, the most dangerous are in the region of Arequipa and Moquegua. Because of this, the Peruvian Geophysical Institute conducted during 2018 the monitoring of eight volcanoes and by 2019 it will evaluate four more.

“The Sabancaya volcano, located in Arequipa, is denoted as the only one in eruption in our country. During 2018 the massif expelled moderate volumes of ash, gases and water vapor”, La República explained.

The Ubinas volcano in Moquegua is also considered risky. It is also the most active in Peru and recorded one daily earthquake in 2018.

“The Ticsani volcano, located 60 km from the city of Moquegua, is considered the second with the highest seismic activity and during 2018 it recorded several seismic swarms”, the aforementioned media said.

Another volcano considered to be high-risk was the Chachani in Arequipa because there are 200,000 inhabitants settled on its slopes and it is located 22 kilometers from the city’s Plaza de Armas.

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