These Are The 10 Products With Agro-Export Potential In Peru


Besides the reported growth of cranberries this year in Peru, Gestión has selected other 10 products that have developed high agro-export potential in the country.

“A report prepared by Macroconsult highlights the potential of five products: organic bananas, cocoa, tangerines, mango and ginger”, Gestión explained, adding that they could be the “boom” of the future.

The Association of Exporters (Adex) agreed with this report, and they added five more that grow mainly in the mountains: walnut, pecan, kion, chia and pomegranate.

In the case of mountain products, Carlos González, director of the Center for Research in Economics and Global Business (CIEN) of Adex, said that the challenge to develop its potential is to improve processes to generate higher quality production, aligned with international certifications and standards.

“There is an improvement in working with the communities to generate a culture of quality production, where local governments can also contribute a lot,” González added.

This year the main crops were grapes, avocados, coffee, blueberries, asparagus, mangoes and bananas.

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