Peru’s Agro-Exports Have Reached 149 Countries


Peru’s exportations of agricultural products have reached 149 markets last year, which generated sales of 6.255 million dollars, informed Minagri (Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation), according to El Peruano.

This information explains that the United States constitutes the principal market for Peruvian agro exports with 31% of the total exported in 2017. Next, there is Holland with 14%; Spain with 6%; England with 5%; Ecuador with 5%; China with 4%; Germany with 4%; Chile with 4%; Canada with 2%; and Belgium with 2%.

“It is also important to highlight that these ten countries concentrated 75% of the total sold abroad”, explains El Peruano, who adds that 2017 registered 8% of growth compared to the previous year.

This progress is due to non-traditional products”, says El Peruano. They also explain that the ones that showed more growth in 2017 were citrus, fresh blueberries, avocados, animal food, quinoa, and prepared artichokes.

Minagri also informed that from now on the first Friday of September will be referred to as the “Day of Peruvian Chilli”, to strengthen the national and international positioning of this product in the gastronomy business. It will also promote the realization of festivals, contests, celebrations, fairs for gastronomic innovations and community activity, El Peruano explains.

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