Thousands Of Children From Arequipa Are Part Of Sinfonía Por El Perú


The program Symphony for Peru, founded by the Peruvian tenor Juan Diego Flores, welcomes a thousand children from the province of Arequipa who are in a risky situation.

This program welcomes children starting at age 5 to age 15, but they can stay longer if they show aptitude and interest in music.

The chosen children come from risky situations in Arequipa “either because of their family or social environment”, said La República, and they part of a choir or symphony.

The director in Arequipa, Raúl Pimentel, pointed out that adolescence is the age when there is a greater risk of falling into drugs or other vices, which is why they require more attention.

This January 22 registrations for new admissions open, which are free of charge.

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