Today We Welcome Winter In Peru With Intense Cold Weather


Today begins the winter season in Peru, and according to the National Service of Meteorology and Hydrology of Peru (Senamhi), the weather is expected to be cooler than usual in the coast, high Andean areas and northern jungle.

“The coastal regions of the center and south of the country will present air temperatures from normal to slightly cold, this due to the higher concentration of humidity because of the presence of mists, mists, and drizzles, usual in winter”, wrote El Comercio.

Warm Kelvin waves are expected in July in the north coast of the country. It could generate a slight increase in sea temperature, air, and sea level.

As for the capital, Senamhi foresees that air temperatures will be around 18° C during the day and 15° C during the night. There is also a high probability of days and nights colder than usual, as part of this winter season, according to information from El Comercio.

(Cover Photo Pexels)

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