Arequipa Freezes Over With Temperatures Below Zero


Senamhi issued rain and snow warnings for Arequipa, Caylloma, Castilla, Condesuyos, and La Unión.

The intense cold temperatures in the city of Arequipa have reached -1 degrees Celsius, the lowest so far this year.

The National Service of Meteorology and Hydrology (Senamhi) said that the cold is more intense at night and early morning, according to Andina News Agency.

The weather organization also informed today that in high areas of the region, such as the town of Patahuasi, reached a temperature of 19 degrees below zero. It’s “the lowest in the south of the country”, Andina informed.

Nevertheless, it is expected that temperatures improve in the coming days in Arequipa due to the presence of snow and rain in localities located over 4,000 meters high.

José Luis Ticona, a specialist at Senamhi, explained that the presence of snow and rain offer climatological conditions so that temperatures are not so cold during the night and early morning hours.

In addition to the cold weather, Senamhi issued a meteorological warning for the presence of snow and rains from tomorrow June 2 until Wednesday 6.

The provinces that will be affected by snowfall and rainfall are the highlands of Caylloma, Castilla, Condesuyos, La Unión and Arequipa.

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