Martyr of the National Police of Peru Award Is Given To Interpol Chief


The Chief of Peru’s police, Douglas Zubiate Talledo presented the Secretary-General of the Interpol, Jürgen Stock, with the Martyr of the National Police of Peru’ award in recognition of the organization’s work.

An important area of cooperation between Interpol and Peru is the El PAaCTO (Europa-Latinoamérica Programa de asistencia contra el crimen transnacional organizado: por el Estado de Derecho y la Seguridad ciudadana) project”, said the Interpol’s website.

This program consists of a three-year initiative that aims to create and develop a network across Latin America to identify, prioritize and target high-risk criminals through enhanced regional cooperation and information exchange, as they explained.

The Interpol chief had been on an official mission to Peru to discuss a range of key crime issues that include illegal migration and drug trafficking with the chief of the Peruvian police.

“Secretary General Stock said direct information sharing between Peru’s specialized drug unit and Interpol via I-24/7, the Organization’s secure communications network, was a model for other countries”, they said on their website on a press release.

The chief of the international organization also mentioned after receiving the award that he is honored for the reward, on behalf of Interpol because it is “also a recognition of the significant efforts being made by law enforcement in Peru to curb criminal activity and make their citizens safer”.

(Cover Photo Wikimedia)

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