Triciclo Peru: Peruvian Food Truck With Delicious Empanadas In Milwaukee


In Milwaukee, United States, a new food truck has arrived, and it is called Triciclo Peru. Offering tender Peruvian-style empanadas, you can enjoy five different flavors: beef, chicken, chorizo, sweet potato, and corn and cheese for $5 each.

The business launched about a year ago and slowly it has been gaining more popularity “thanks to their deliciously flaky baked dough and authentic fillings”, wrote On Milwaukee.

Triciclo Peru was founded by Mario Diaz and Amy Narr, a married couple who met in Peru.

“Narr, who was born and raised in West Bend, came to Milwaukee to earn her degree in business administration and marketing from UW-Milwaukee. After graduation, she signed on for two years in Chiclayo, Peru, with the Peace Corps, where she worked assisting women with business and financial literacy”, the website explained.

About a year later, she was in Trujillo during the holidays were she met Diaz who was also enjoying the day off on the beach. After hitting off, they maintained a long-distance relationship for a year and a year later they got married.

On December 2016 they moved to Milwaukee, looking for a change of pace. After a while trying to pursue his career in advertising, the couple decided to try out something new since, for Diaz, the language barrier wasn’t making things easy.

That’s when the idea of the food cart came up. For him, it “is not only his way of sharing authentic Peruvian recipes he grew up eating, but it’s also a tribute to working-class Peruvians, many of whom were driven out of their homes in the Andean Highlands by Shining Path terrorists in the 1980s”, explains On Milwaukee.

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