Venezuelan And Colombian Women Were Promised Work In Lima But Fell Into A Human Trafficking Network


Las Wednesday, authorities in Peru rescued 15 women – 12 from Venezuela and 3 from Colombia – victims of a human trafficking network in Lima. They had arrived in the country deceived by a promise of work.

“Among the victims there are three minors, one of them pregnant, informed the Peruvian Prosecutor’s Office”, according to El Nuevo Herald.

Peruvian authorities were able to dismantle the trafficking network thanks to two simultaneous operations that took place in the districts of La Victoria and San Martin de Porres. This was possible because one of the victims managed to escape and reported the situation to the police.

El Nuevo Herald said that the victims had been cheated in Bogotá, where they were promised work in several casinos in Lima for $300 US dollar payments per month. However, after arriving in Peru, the trafficking network demanded $1,000 US dollars from them and forced into prostitution to “pay” off the debt.

In one of the operations five Venezuelan women were rescued, one of whom is five months pregnant, and one Colombian. The Venezuelan Juan Manuel Martínez Miara, aged 18, was detained and reported on Radio Nacional”, you can read in El Nuevo Herald.

US citizen Manolo Cabrera, aged 23, and Keily Castro Figuera, aged 24, were captured as well.

It is not the first time trafficking networks have taken advantage of Venezuelans in Lima because of their vulnerable living situations in their country.

“In April, four other Venezuelan minors were rescued from a human trafficking network in Lima, after another raid in January where 18 women were freed in Arequipa”, the media said.

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