Vizcarra Reaches 100 Days In Power And 78% Perceive The Country Stagnant


The government wishes to change the people’s perception by specific results.

Until last month, President Martín Vizcarra’s approval was superior to disapproval, said Gestión today, however, the fall of 6% changed the picture. Today, data shows that the rejection of the head of state is greater than his support.

“Support for the President fell for the third consecutive month and now stands at 39%”, informed Gestión, who cites the latest study by Pulso Perú, who confirms that the deterioration of his image has dropped very fast.

There is also less confidence on Vizcarra’s work, compared to 100 days ago when he assumed the presidency.

Nevertheless, the president of the Cabinet, César Villanueva, indicates that the Government is calm, in spite of the complex panorama. “We do not have the arrogance to justify why we are low (in the polls)”, he told the media.

According to Villanueva, the government is low in the polls because of people’s perception and they hope to change it very soon with specific results. The data also revealed that 78% of Peruvians perceive that the country is stagnant.

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