What Is The Profile Of The Peruvian Christmas-Season Traveler?


Christmas season represents a travel opportunity for many people that can take some time off during the holidays. Whether it is to visit relatives in other cities or countries, or to relax, many Peruvians travel during this period.

Not everyone is the same or has the same taste traveling-wise, but Juan Carlos Nuñovero, Marketing Manager of Atrapalo.pe, a partner company of IAB Peru, offered a series of characteristics of the profile of the Peruvian digital traveler in the framework of the Christmas holidays.

Peruvians are “last-moment” travelers

“This is a characteristic that is experienced both in the offline channel, as in the online”, said El Comercio. “Many Peruvians leave their travel purchases for the days leading up to Christmas, so that the closer the festive date approaches, the higher the sales in the ‘flights and hotels’ category”, they explained.

They prefer flights

For experiences outside of Lima, travelers prefer to move around by air. Also, the average amount spent on a ticket for domestic flights is $120 US dollars per person.

Peruvian Christmas travelers are between 25 and 44 years old

The average age range of Peruvian digital buyers is set between 25 and 44 years. However, there is a potential group of growing buyers ranging from 18 to 34 years.

They love to save

One of the reasons for digital purchases for traveling expenses during this season is that travelers can save some money and time. The option many websites offer for comparing prices is also very attractive.

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