Women Win Graduate Scholarships Offered By Korea To Peru


Eight of the nine comprehensive scholarships offered by the Government of Korea to Peru were won this year by women, an unprecedented fact, said Andina News Agency.

The Ambassador of the Republic of Korea, June-hyuck Cho, highlighted this fact during the delivery of accreditation certificates to the winners, among which Luis Tenorio Trigoso, the only male of the group, stood out.

“The interest in Korea has generated an increase in opportunities for young people who wish to study in my country”, said the Ambassador of Korea to Andina. “Something curious has happened this year. Of all the applicants to the program, eight winners are women. This is a clear indication of the outstanding role of women in the development of Peru”, he continued.

Cho also believes that, although the winning women’s specialties are different, all of them share the same dream and desire: progress.

“I hope that this desire becomes the fire that drives them throughout their journey. This exchange will help cement the development of this great country and will be the ambassadors of the friendship between Peru and Korea,” he said.

The winners of the 2018 scholarships are Alejandra Rodríguez Vásquez who will study industrial engineering; Cecilia Torres Quiroz, civil engineering; Lessa Saer López, environmental management; Ami Ishisaka Yreijo, visual communication design; and Andrea Daza La Rosa, teaching Korean as a foreign language.

They are joined by Gloria Lucines Laguna Huerta, who will hold a Master’s Degree in development policy; Nathalie Vera Díaz, arts management; and Cecilia Torres Zavaleta, who will also study a Master’s Degree in development policy.

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