A New Law Grants Free Days To Public Employees Who Ride Their Bicycles To Work


The Congress of the Republic approved last Thursday an amendment to the law that promotes the use of bicycles as a “sustainable means of transport”. Cyclists not only will have the right to free public parking, but will have the benefit of flexible hours at work.

This norm also states that the construction of road infrastructure is needed for the safety of the cyclists in the country.

The law, however, does not set deadlines for the communes to adapt to it. “The rule has many shortcomings, but it is a first sketch on which you can begin to demand,” said Zoé Sandoval, of the citizen collective Actibícimo, according to El Comercio.

The law also provides that public and private entities adjust their parking so that up to 5% of their area is used to store bicycles. They will have up to three years to make these changes.

In addition, this law suggests granting benefits to those who use their bicycles to go to work, such as flexible hours and the installation of showers. “In the case of the public sector, it includes a specific benefit: one free day for every 45 days they’ve used their bicycle”, said El Comercio.

The Miraflores commune already has two bicycle rental stations and will install another 48 with 500 bicycles. This service will be available in January.

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