Alberto Fujimori Says He Has A Tumor In His Lungs

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Despite commenting on politics on his Twitter account, the pardoned ex-President has made it clear that he will not be returning to politics.

Last Friday evening, former President Alberto Fujimori, said that he has a tumor in his lungs and will not be returning to politics.

The ex-Peruvian-leader was pardoned by then President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski in December for corruption and human rights abuse and was freed from jail.

“Fujimori, who ruled Peru from 1990 to 2000, also said in a statement to a local television channel that the fighting between his daughter Keiko and son Kenji for control of Peru’s largest opposition party ‘is temporary.’”, you can read in Reuters.

He also said that a small tumor was detected in one of his lungs and that he must be under observation every four months. He has been hospitalized several times this year for arrhythmia and dehydration.

Since he was freed halfway through a 25-year long sentence he has commented on politics through his Twitter account but he has ruled out a political comeback.

“Fujimori, who suffers from hypertension and has had a cancerous tongue lesion, said he does not feel comfortable with the struggle between his children over the control of the Popular Force party, which is currently divided in Congress.”, informed Reuters.

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