Fujimori Remains Hospitalized for Severe Dehydration


The former president will not be discharged until he is stable.

Last Saturday, former president Alberto Fujimori was hospitalized after suffering from severe dehydration, said his personal doctor Alejandro Aguinaga to El Nuevo Diario. Currently, he is progressing satisfactorily, but will not yet be discharged, he explained.

“He evolves properly, but we are not yet within what we consider satisfactory,” Aguinaga told reporters after leaving the Centenario-Japanese-Peruvian clinic in Lima, where Fujimori, 79, is hospitalized.

Fujimori will be discharged when he is completely stable and a series of blood tests are completed. “He is dehydrated, decayed, and has an intense gastroenterocolitis”, said Aguinaga, adding that the former president is at absolute rest and receiving serum to recover from diarrhea and vomiting.

This situation, according to his doctor, also caused a fear of a cardiac complication, since he presented tachycardia. This is why the experts decided to hospitalize him.

Fujimori’s health problems have been recurrent in the recent years he lived in prison, but this is the first time he suffers since president Pedro Pablo Kuczynski pardoned him last Christmas for humanitarian reasons”, wrote El Nuevo Diario.

Earlier this year he received treatment for cardiac arrhythmia and remained hospitalized for a few days.

This malaise coincides with coincides with the public confrontation between his sons Keiko and Kenji, for the inheritance of Fujimorismo, the first political force in Peru, and the resignation of Kenji from the party this week after the revelation that his sister had received $1.2 million dollars from Odebrecht to finance her election campaign.

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