Fujimori Ordered to Stand Trial Again


The Ex-President could face trial again alongside other 22 people.

The court in Peru informed that former leader Alberto Fujimori, pardoned by president Pedro Pablo Kuczynski (PPK) last December, could be tried again for the killing of six farmers in 1992. He said he would appeal the decision.

Fujimori’s granted pardon was greatly criticized by many Peruvians and human right groups. It was given halfway through a 25-year sentence and based on health issues the Ex-President has, according to Kuczynski.

Yesterday, “the National Criminal Court’s Court B ruled that the pardon would not excuse Fujimori from future trials involving the death of six people killed by a paramilitary group in the town of Pativilca in 1992, during Fujimori’s 10-year rule.”, explained Reuters.

Many also believe that this pardon had political motivations, but PPK assures it was completely humanitarian. According to the current President, doctors had determined that Fujimori suffers from a progressive, degenerative, and also incurable illness and that being in prison is a great risk to his life.

Fujimori’s lawyer responded to the information about a possible new trial saying that he will appeal the court’s decision. “He says he is innocent and will appeal against the court’s ruling”, wrote BBC News.

His health issues don’t apply on this new case, which would also try 22 other people for the death-squad killings too.

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