American School Way Will Arrive In Peru And Ecuador


American School Way, a language teaching school will arrive in Ecuador and Peru, ten years after setting up its first headquarters in Bogota, Colombia.

The institute is specialized in teaching English and French currently has 27 campuses in Colombia, more than 80,000 active students, 900 teachers, 2,000 employees and was founded by Juan Carlos Cárdenas and Mario Bello.

“Mario Bello, who points out that the idea of entrepreneurship emerged around 1997 when they began to detect interest in language learning, explains that the company’s goal is to extend over the next two years to cities such as Ibagué, Bucaramanga, Cartagena, Barranquilla, Pasture and Montería”, Portafolio explained.

While developing the local growth plan, the entrepreneurs are behind the expansion in neighboring countries, specifically in Ecuador and Peru. Their business model was conceived, according to its founders, by people who seek professional and economic progress.

According to Bello, the success of their offer has to do with that “the course responds to the needs and expectations of those who want to learn a second language today, related to the flexibility of the schedules and the personalization of the classes”.

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