Students Make Prostheses From Plastic Bottles


Seven students from the Universidad Privada del Norte built prostheses for people with disabilities using pressed and processed plastic bottles, which served a dual purpose, making pieces of affordable prices and finding a way to contribute to the decontamination of the environment.

According to El Peruano, this initiative, known as “Reach, walk with me” has won the James McGuire 2018 award in Peru.

Today, the students are carrying out the efforts to raise the necessary money that will allow them to develop a “minimum viable project” and then participate in the contest Innóvate Peru of the Ministry of Production.

The arms and legs made from recycled materials can cost about 2,000 soles, which is well below the 10,000 soles that a conventional prosthesis costs.

The work to produce the prosthesis prototype takes six months and the resulting piece has a utility of 10 years”, informed El Peruano.

(Cover Photo Flickr)

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