“Chocolate Love” Fair in Surco


 “Chocolate with Love” Christmas Fair will take place in Plaza Mayor in Surco.

This fair organized with the support of the European Union (EU) and Surco municipality promotes alternative development to promote awareness of quality chocolate and cocoa produced by producers and farmers of communities. It is worth mentioning that Peruvian chocolate is award winning and that there is a boutique in Dubai especially devoted to Peruvian chocolate.

For the delight of many, the first 500 people who went to the fair yesterday received a free glass of real chocolate and panettone made with cocoa pulp. The fair started yesterday at noon and last until Sunday, December 10th at 09:00 p.m.

Devida representatives called on the public to attend the fair and reminded them that a chocolate tablet with 35% concentration in shopping centers or stores costs at least 15 soles.

In this fair, people are able to buy a better tablet, at least up to 90% at a lower price.

The first “Pannetone made with cacao pulp” will also be presented at the fair, which will also be offered to the attendees for tasting. This panettone has 30% fewer calories than the classic one, it does not have trans fats, besides being a valid option for people with high sugar (controlled diabetics) and people who want to keep being in shape.

Do you like panettone?

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