First Electric Bus Made In Peru Will Serve Lima Very Soon


The first electric bus built in Peru and with a capacity to transport 25 people will transit the streets of Lima in the coming months.

The team in charge of its creation was made up of experts from the Catholic University and the company Waira Energía, and received the support of Innóvate Perú, a program of the Ministry of Production, said Andina.

The main objective of this project was to create an innovative technology that would face the “urgent need to reduce the high pollution levels of the Lima automotive fleet”, the news agency explained.

The first electric bus in Lima was imported recently at a very high cost. For this reason, the Government proposed to grant bonds that facilitate its importation.

This new bus built in Peru takes about three hours to load, explained the engineers of the PUCP Franco Canziani and Óscar Melgarejo, creators of this vehicle, to Andina.

“To create this bus, explains the engineer Oscar Melgarejo electrician – who works in the Electricity and Electronics section of the PUCP – we used the basic structure of a car, but also two high-power motors and a battery of lithium-ion batteries.”, the news agency wrote.

The main advantages of the electric bus are, according to these engineers, are that this bus doesn’t produce harmful emissions, it doesn’t pollute the environment, or need a lot of maintenance. “It is not necessary to change the oil, even if it is not tuned.”, Andina informed.

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