Huawei Increases Its Turnover In Peru By 40%


Although the pace of sales is less dynamic than last year, the amounts invoiced by Huawei in the first semester remained up and were 40% higher compared to the same period of 2017.

In terms of units, according to El Comercio, local mobile imports grew 20.4%.

“Alex Yue Yang, local director of the consumer business for Huawei, said that in the first seven months of the year they have already sold more than one million phones”, wrote the aforementioned media. He adds that this translates into an upward curve.

Another interesting fact is that users are willing to pay more since the average price of phone sales has gone from $90 US dollars to $110 US dollars, Yue Yang explained.

“This would explain to a large extent that all imports of smartphones in the market have grown 9.9% in terms of values (it reached $510.4 million US dollars), while in units it fell 6.9%”, El Comercio said.

Alex Yue Yang said that they have not changed their sales goals for the second semester and will continue to seek to consolidate as the number one brand.

The problems that may arise in the face of an eventual US trade blockade of its factories in China, he added, will not affect its investments and medium-term objectives in the country. “Both Latin America and Peru are China’s commercial allies and will continue to be,” he said.

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