Peru Is One Of The Most Expensive Countries For Gamers In Latin America


Peru is one of the most expensive countries for gamers in the region, just below Argentina, according to a report by Linio, cited by Perú 21.

“A PlayStation 4 Slim of 1 terabyte plus a game, for example, costs $318.6 dollars in the United States, rounding off the lowest price (…) In the region, prices range between $400 US dollars and $500 US dollars. However, the console in Peru costs $529.7 US dollars”, the media informed.

Argentina is in first place with $709.4 US dollars for the Sony device.

The same happens for the rest of consoles, according to Perú 21. “An Xbox One of 500 Gb with a game costs $514 US dollars in Peru, while you can get the same item in Mexico for $273.8 US dollars”, they explain.

Nevertheless, other electronics are much cheaper in Peru. According to the report, buying an iPhone 64gb X costs $1,212.2 US dollars in Peru, the lowest price in the entire region.

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