Peru Ranks 68th Globally In The Internet Access Speed Ranking


Globally, Peru ranks 68th in the internet access speed ranking with an average of 20.22 megabits (MB) per second in downloads.

La República released this information today, indicating that it comes from the Speed Test Global Index of June 2018.

“The first place in the world is Singapore with 180.57 Mbps average for a new type of connection called FTTH, which allows connection to the home through fiber optics”, they wrote.

In Peru there are two companies that offer this technology. One is WIN, which provides services for buildings and condominiums with speeds ranging from 30 to 200 Mbps. Also, a new company, called iWay, entered the market in Lima, offering high-speed internet.

Mario Navarro, general manager for iWay, explained that the advance of this technology will take time. The service offers ranges from 10Mbps for S / 50 to 300Mbps. For now, it is offered in Magdalena del Mar and the Cerros de Camacho, in Surco.

(Cover Photo Wikimedia)

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