Peru Expects $58 Billion US Dollars In Mining Investments


The Ministry of Energy and Mines expects for mining investments to reach $58 billion US dollars in the coming years.

In an interview with the state-run newspaper El Peruano, Francisco Ísmodes, head of this ministry, said that the goal for the next three years is to get at least 36% of that capital invested in several projects.

“The minister also said that the Martín Vizcarra administration expects Peru’s share in the global mining exploration realm to grow to 8% from the current 7% by 2021”, informed Mining.

As for the regions that will be used for mining exploration, the Directorate for Mining Promotion and Sustainability will be in charge of this task. “The unit is also responsible for connecting the ministry to provincial governments and consult with communities about future projects and their impacts”, the media explained.

In addition, Ísmodes announced the launching of the Centre for Convergence and Good Practices. It will be in charge of mediating between stakeholders to ensure that the high environmental protection standards are being used, as well as the most advanced technology available.

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