Peru Will Implement A Plan To Reduce Traffic Accidents


With the goal of reducing traffic accidents and improving urban transport, the Ministry of Transportation and Communications (MTC) will implement the National Policy on Urban Transportation and Mobility, and the Road Safety Plan nationally.

The head of the sector, Edmer Trujillo, said according to El Peruano, that these two tools will be ready in the coming days.

The National Transportation Policy has been agreed with various sectors and authorities, which in principle will guide the actions of the MTC in the field of transport and urban mobility.

Road controls will be reinforced as well in order to reduce traffic accidents, El Peruano informed. “This plan, the minister said, will imply regulatory changes, operational measures, as well as the use of technology to have an efficient transport, all in a framework of inter-institutional coordination”, the media wrote.

At the inauguration of the forum “Peruvian urban transport: on the way to a new paradigm”, organized by the French Agency for Development (AFD), Trujillo said that urban transport is a serious problem in our country and that it needs new paradigms and a broad consensus of agreement with all of the sectors.

In addition, Trujillo informed about the MTC promoting the start-up of section 2 of the Lima Metro line, in its first 12 kilometers, from the Municipality of Ate to the 28 de Julio Station.

(Cover Photo Wikimedia Commons)

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