San Isidro’s First Public Transport Electric Bus Began Operations


The Municipality of San Isidro, in cooperation with the company Engie, implemented an electric bus to the free transportation service “MiBus”, which can be used free of charge by residents and visitors of the district.

The vehicle has 32 seats and can carry up to 80 passengers. Part of the energy it uses comes from the solar panels located in the building of the renewable energy company.

“Engie’s 25% annual energy comes from the solar panels located on the roof of the building. It is with this energy that the bus is charged,” says Ivan Veloso, development manager of Engie’s project, who also indicated that this bus helps “reduce the emission of polluting gases”, according to El Comercio.

The “MiBus” service has been running for four years and now has 3 buses in total. The electric vehicle will work on an Express route and has nine stops: Rivera Navarrete, Canaval and Moreyra (blocks 1,4 and 6), Calle Uno Oeste, Calle 21 and Calle Juan de Arona (blocks 4 and 8).

The others of service, that work with diesel fuel, will continue by routes 1 and 2 (each of 3.5 kilometers) in the 43 established stops.

The first bus departs at 7:00 a.m. and the last one will leave at 6:30 p.m. To know the detailed routes and schedules, you can access the webpage of the commune: www.msi.gob.pe.

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