San Marcos Seeks to Be the Best University in Peru


The headmaster of the Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos (UNMSM), Orestes Cachay, said that this university is preparing to become the most important in Peru, making emphasis in scientific investigation.

Cachay explained to El Comercio that the budget for scientific investigations has been given great priority in order to achieve their goal of becoming the best university in the country. The increase in the budget for this purpose went to being 4 million soles to 20 million soles in 2018, he told Andina.

“These resources are invested in small lab equipment and to motivate the production of investigation projects from the San Marcos teachers”, El Comercio explained.

The headmaster also said that currently, San Marcos is the university with the most investigators nationally. “From the 776 teachers who do investigations, San Marcos has 334”, he said to El Comercio, who explains that the number equals to 30% and mostly correspond to medicine, engineering, and social sciences.

Cachay also explains that today, San Marcos university has the most laboratories and equipment, as well as the most registered investigators in the Registro Nacional de Investigadores en Ciencia y Tecnología (Regina), or National Investigators in Science and Technology Registry.

He also told El Comercio that last year the best 140 students from this university traveled to Harvard in the United States to receive training in leadership. This year 135 students will be attending as well.

(Cover Photo Wikimedia Commons)

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