The SingularityU Peru Summit Began Yesterday In Lima


The first edition of the SingularityU Peru Summit, the largest technology and business event in the country, started yesterday morning in San Borja.

For two days, the role that technology plays in the development of Peru will be discussed, as well as its implication in the economy, in this event.

The main speakers are part of the senior staff of the Singularity University, Silicon Valley, an educational institution and global community founded ten years ago whose purpose is to investigate in the field of exponential technology, that is, one that affects the lives of billions”, El Comercio reported.

With their motto: “The best way to predict the future is to create it,” the event took place satisfactorily.

In addition, Will Weisman, CEO of Singularity University, said that extraordinary things are taking place right now in Peru.

On behalf of the government, the Minister of Production, Raúl Pérez-Reyes, gave a talk in which he addressed the strategies that the Peruvian government has in the field of digital marketing, to stimulate small and medium enterprises through the use of technology that allows them to attract better clients.

Finally, the event closed with a lecture by David Roberts, member of the SingularityU staff, on the importance of disruption in technology, and how what was once considered new and advanced now turns obsolete in a few years.

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