5 Must-Buy Gifts and Souvenirs From Peru


If you are heading for a trip to Peru then make sure to leave some extra space in your suitcase/backpack to pack in all your souvenirs.

Peru is one of those countries that offer you loads of cheap shopping opportunities and the colorful markets full of handicraft items let you indulge your inner shopaholic without draining your wallet. Peru has some of the most exclusive souvenirs in the world and you’ll hardly be able to get anywhere without a vendor trying to sell you something lovely and unique.

Keep reading on to see our list of the 5 must-buy items in Peru that can help simplify your shopping experience in this charming country.

1. Alpaca clothing

The hand-made Alpaca sweaters, ponchos, scarves, hats and blankets make for a splendid gift and there are loads of stores from where you can pick your items. Alpaca clothing is as warm and lightweight as cashmere and the best part is that they are hypoallergenic.

Alpaca Clothing (Photo: Facebook Public Domain)

The Alpaca baby clothes are very soft totally safe for kids but make sure to look out for 100% baby alpaca items. Arequipa is the ideal place to do your alpaca shopping so while at Arequipa make sure to grab some of them. Buying the adorable alpaca dolls for your friends and colleagues can also be a good idea.

2. Backpacks

If you are wondering where to store all your goods, then it’s always a good idea to spend on backpacks. The markets in Peru have an extensive collection of backpacks, many of which are crafted out of traditional textiles. You can even find sturdy duffel bags in traditional patterns so pick up a few of them and your storage problem is all sorted.

3. Textiles and Chullo Hats

Peruvian textiles as bed cover (Photo: Facebook Public Domain)

You won’t find any street in Peru that doesn’t have a souvenir shop selling colorful Peruvian textiles. The bright and bold fabrics which are available for sale in the local marketplaces can be used to make tablecloths, bed sheets, pillow covers, table runners etc.

The Chullo hats are special Andean style hats which come with earflaps and a string. Crafted out of brightly coloured wool these inexpensive hats can be a superb gift item.

4. Pisco Sour

Pisco Sour (Photo: Flickr)

The national drink of Peru which comes with 38%-48% alcohol is sure to impress your friends and peers. So make sure to stock a few bottles of this amazing drink and its easy to find ‘sour mix’ before heading back home.

This fantastic drink topped with egg white can be a nice item to bring back from Peru. However, find out information about the duty allowances before stocking up the bottles.

5. Musical Instruments

Peruvian Charango (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

People who are musically inclined can bring home some of the typical Andean musical instruments. Some of the items to choose from include wooden flutes, zampona (a kind of pan pipe made out of reed tubes), ten-stringed charango, cajon, or a bombo drum.

Final Items…

Before concluding it needs to be mentioned that there is no dearth of shopping items in Peru. If you are trying to find something on the cheaper side then make sure to stock up on Inca crosses, llama and alpaca keychains, coca candies or colourful friendship bracelets.



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