The 17th “Flamenco and Punto” Festival at ICPNA


Great figures of flamenco singing and dancing will be part of the new edition of the “Flamenco and Punto” Festival, organized by the ICPNA for 17 years.

Eight examples  committed to maintaining the tradition of flamenco and showcasing innovative styles such as the fusion of flamenco and jazz will be on display. This program includes an international section with Spanish interpreters will take place from January 11 to 26 at the Miraflores ICPNA auditorium (Av. Angamos west 120).

The festival begins with the presentation of Ernesto Hermoza recognized maestro of the guitar who will play some of his most popular songs.

This event will have a Peruvian touch with the accompaniment of Leonardo “Gigio” Parodi on percussion. Dances will be present as well with Diana Cuellar as a guest artist.

Before each flamenco suit, there will be a transition, where the interpretation of Ernesto Hermosa’s music will seek to reveal the most personal and sincere feeling of the artist.

Mariana Olaechea and Lisbeth Buzzi, present Reencuentro; an intimate, vibrant and honest show of pure flamenco, which brings them together after 8 years, on their return to the stage as soloists. Then, both dancers will reunite in the same space but at the same time with themselves in an inner journey through flamenco, which brings them back to the essence of their dance.

The sisters Diana and Jimena Cuéllar will offer all the passion, strength and energy that characterizes them. Esencia is the name of this authentic flamenco show where, together with the “Pasión Flamenca” Company, they will fill the stage with all the magic of flamenco.


International guests

  • Antonio Lizana, saxophonist, and singer who travels through jazz guided by the inspiration of flamenco, performs at the festival with the show Oriente.
  • The success of the jazz and flamenco fusion of Antonio Lizana knows no borders. In 2017 he performed at 92 concerts in China, Morocco, Germany, the USA and of course in Spain, he arrives for the first time in Central America.
  • Reflejo is the name of the show by Lidón Patiño, flamenco dancer and classical Spanish dancer that she presents at this festival. In 2011, Lidón was awarded the first prize of flamenco at the International Dance Competition of Almería, and at the end of that year, she was awarded Young Promise of Flamenco at the XX Spanish and Flamenco Dance Contest of Madrid.
  • The Patax group returns to the festival, led by maestro Jorge Pérez, one of the most innovative and heterodox neo-jazz bands on the current scene, made up of some of the brightest talents from the last batch of Jazz and Flamenco and the Afrobeat “Made In Spain”.


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