45.4 Million Of Local Trips Are Projected For This Year In Peru


The Executive has a goal for this year’s domestic tourism, and it consists of registering 45.5 million trips.

The Minister of Foreign Trade and Tourism (Mincetur), Roger Valencia, explained that to achieve this goal, it is essential to improve services and build new tourism environments, as well as promoting youth tourism, among other actions.

In this regard, he said that the Government is making a series of investments for more than 205 million soles, to improve the tourism infrastructure in various regions of Peru.

He emphasized that these actions of the central government will help to consolidate the national tourism offer, which will impact on the dynamization of the economy and the generation of jobs in a decentralized manner.

“When making a balance for the first 180 days of management at the head of Mincetur, Valencia said that since the National Copesco Plan began to be implemented four works were completed in three regions of the country (Ayacucho, La Libertad and Pasco), with an investment of more than 40 million soles”, explained El Peruano.

“Important works have been carried out, such as the Malecón Turístico del Puerto Malabrigo (La Libertad), the Coffee Route in Villa Rica (Pasco), as well as the modernization of the Historic Center of Ayacucho, and the improvement of the Quinoa Town (Ayacucho)”, Valencia said.

On the other hand, the president of the Chamber of Tourism and Foreign Trade of Paracas (Capatur), Eduardo Jáuregui, projected that the arrival of international cruises with tourists to the Paracas National Reserve will increase more than 80% this year.

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