6 Places You Must See in Trujillo to Satiate Your Wanderlust


One of the most important cities in Northern Peru, Trujillo was founded back in 1535 and derived its moniker from the birthplace of Francisco Pizarro in Spain.

Originally a small town which was used as a resting spot for Spaniards traveling from Lima to Quito, Trujillo is now the second largest city of the country which draws a vast number of tourists both domestic and foreign. Often referred to as the “Lordliest City”, Trujillo with its archaeological sites, elegant colonial buildings and churches would make for a superb place to visit.

Places to Visit in Trujillo

1. Chan Chan

For about 600 years this sprawling city used to be the seat of the Chimu Empire which comprised of 60,000 dwellers before being invaded by the Incas. Located on the outskirts of the city, Chan Chan with its adobe ruins and innumerable walls is just like a city within a city. The Tschudi Palace can still be seen by the visitors although it is fast eroding due to the effects of El Nino. One of the most overwhelming wonders of Latin America, a visit to Chan Chan should definitely top your itinerary list in Trujillo.

Chan Chan Historical Site in Trujillo (Photo: Flickr)

2. Huanchaco

It might surprise you to learn that this place is where surfing was invented. The Caballito de Totora or the reed boats are often considered to be the first surfing craft of the world. On your next visit to Huanchaco make sure to hire a guide and go for some paddling in the surf. In the evening head to an oceanfront restaurant to sample the best ceviche in the country as you watch the sun go down over the Pacific.

Huanchaco Beach (Photo: Facebook)

3. Plaza de Armas

This large square located in the heart of the old city used to be the first spot from which the Spanish colonizers marched on the continent in search of precious metals and after almost 300 years Trujillo declared its independence from Spain right in this spot. Take a stroll through the square to witness the colonial charm of the past centuries with its magnificent buildings, churches, and monuments.

Main Square or Plaza de Armas of Trujillo (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

4. Casa Urquiaga

Casa Urquiaga located in the heart of the city at Plaza de Armas is an extensive mansion with countless rooms, beautiful chandeliers and three spacious courtyards which would allow you to get a glimpse of the elite colonial life of days past. The building which was erected in 1604 still has a considerable collection of ceramics and gold from the Moche and Chimu empires.

Casa Urquiaga (Photo: Facebook)

5. Trujillo Cathedral

Another point of interest in the Plaza de Armas the Trujillo Cathedral with its bright yellow façade majestically dominates this part of downtown Trujillo. Constructed back in 1616, this is one of the oldest extant Catholic churches in all of Peru.

Cathedral Basilica of St. Mary (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

6. Huacas del Sol y la Luna (Temple of Moche)

The seat of 2,000 years old civilizations, the Temples of Moche still has some intricate artworks which have miraculously survived. In the Temple of Moon which originally used to be a site for human sacrifice, the archaeologists are still unearthing frescoes and remains of tortured and sacrificed humans.

Huaca del Sol y la Luna (Photo: Facebook)

Wrapping it up:

Apart from all these must-visit places, Trujillo has a lot of impressive sites which are sure to satiate your wanderlust. Some of the other must-visit places of this city include- El Brujo, Trujillo Museum of Archaeology, El Carmen Church, Temple of the Dragon and more.


(Cover Photo: Pixabay)

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