9 Out Of 10 Venezuelans In Peru Are Professionals


About 90% of Venezuelan citizens who arrive in Peru, fleeing from the economic and social crisis that their country is going through, are professionals which implies that 9 out of 10 of Venezuelan immigrants come with experience to work in different areas, explained Gestión today.

The information was given by the general manager of the National Migration Superintendence, Roxana del Águila Tuesta.

“The Venezuelan citizen does not come to Peru to vacation, nor does he/she come as a refugee.”, she informed, adding that the Temporary Permit for Permanence (PTP) is a permit document that allows the person to stay for a year, which is not a residence.

Águila Tuesta confirmed that last year a total of 36,000 Venezuelans received the PTP, but there are almost 200,000 registered as tourists.

She also said that 90% of the Venezuelans that have arrived in Peru are qualified professionals between 25 and 45 years old. “Professional baseball players have arrived as well as metallurgical engineers who are experts in exploration and exploitation of petroleum, and a good number of Venezuelan doctors have arrived”, Águila Tuesta informed Gestión.

On the other hand, the Venezuelan government said yesterday, as you can read in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs webpage, that Peru and this country are cooperating together on several aspects. This was decided at a meeting between the chancellors Néstor Popolizio and Jorge Arreaza held at the United Nations about the Consolidation and Sustainability of Peace, which takes place in New York, United States.

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