Arequipa People Impressed by the 2018 Dakar Rally


Hundreds of people experienced the excitement of the sixth stage as it passed through Puno on its way to Bolivia.

People did not hesitate to hop on their cars and wait for the vehicles competing at the checkpoint where the first part of the route that began in Imata (Arequipa) and ended up in Mañazo (Puno).

There were some really enthusiastic people who decided to move to the place the night before the event, the track was located in an area that was about 25 kilometers from the district of Mañazo, 4,500 meters above the sea level.

It is worth mentioning that the rain and the icy wind did not put off spectators, they clapped and cheered for the vehicles once they started passing by at full speed.

After recording their passage, vehicles started to slow down as they continued their journey to Bolivia, where they had to reach the capital city, La Paz. Before continuing on their way, the runners had to pass through the Circunvalación Avenue in the city of Puno, where they received the support and shouts of thousands of people.

The competition between big trucks seemed to be the one people from Mañazo enjoyed the most.

The authorities declared that no incidents were reported while the event took place.

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