Dakar 2018 to Bring 400 Million Dollars to Peru


Minister of Foreign Trade and Tourism, Eduardo Ferreyros believes the sporting event is a great opportunity to stand in front of “the eyes of the world”.

The competition will be seen by some 190 million people.

“74 television channels are broadcasting the Dakar Rally right now in 190 countries, more than 1,200 broadcast hours in which images of Peru will be appreciated, of the Marca Peru. “It is important that the world knows more and more about our country”,  added the minister.

Ferreyros commented that, during the competition, the necessary measures have been put in place to protect the natural areas of the country. In this task of prevention, the portfolios of the Environment, Culture, Interior and Defense participated jointly.

Dakar updates

The second stage of the 2018 Dakar has already ended for the Peruvian trucks that reached the finish line in Pisco. Nicolás Fuchs and Francisco León were the first to complete the 267-kilometer special on the Ica dunes.

Nicolás Fuchs, who had to slow down due to health problems (nausea) for both him and his navigator Fernando Mussano as required by the competition, they finished in the 22nd position with 4h1m24s.

Have you been to the Dakar Rally?

(Cover Photo El Comercio)

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