Artificial Intelligence Startups Grow In Peru


Sofía Pichihua from El Peruano informed us that a recent investigation by Endeavor and Everis in Latin America revealed the potential of startups supported by a business model in AI (Artificial Intelligence). The study includes the progress of 70 ventures in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Peru.

“Regionally, the average income by the end of 2018 will reach $1.68 US million dollars”, she wrote, adding that the main item is linked to software development, as well as education, marketing, consumer services, and retail.

According to the director of technology at Everis Peru, César Adán, Peru has a growing market. “Peruvian AI startups have seed capital (14%) as their main type of investment, while the angel investors, individuals or companies that bet on innovation, reach a similar percentage. The remaining 8% corresponds to private capital”, he told El Peruano.

In addition, he calculates that national sales will surpass $2.79 million US dollars in 2018. Last year, this amount reached $1.45 million US dollars.

In Peru, artificial intelligence startups have an average of 35 employees, a figure above the average in Latin America. 80% of the collaborators are systems engineers, applied mathematics or data science, and only 2% are women.

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