Is Peru Prepared For 5G?


José Delmar, partner of the form Philippi Prietocarrizosa Ferrero DU & Uria (PPU) believes that while 5G will be available soon, Peru is still moving towards consolidating its 4G network.

5G technology is expected to be fast, around 10 times more than the connection that brought 4G, explained Delmar to Gestión. “5G is another level, it’s another kind of technology. The 4.5G, which is currently promoted in the market, is only the sum of 4G bands, it is not something different like 5G will be”, he told the media.

Nevertheless, Peru is still consolidating its 4G network. Currently, the country has 80% to 85% of the 3G network and 70% to 75% of the 4G network.

“We are thinking about how to make the entry of 5G technology viable in the future”, Delmar told Gestión. “But first we have to consolidate the 4G network so that it has a complete coverage“, he added.

According to this lawyer, Peru is not ready yet for 5G technology and there is still no regulation available in the country.

“There is still no regulation, but what is being studied is the use of spectrum that is part of the analysis that has been carried out worldwide to achieve 5G”, the expert said.

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