Chinese Mummies Found in Peru


On January 22 archaeologists in Peru unearthed three 19th century mummies believed to be of Chinese immigrants found inside wooden coffins by workers of Calidda, which is a natural gas distributor in Lima and Callao, says Global News.

According to archaeologists, “the mummies were immigrants from the first wave of Chinese who traveled to Peru in the mid-19th century to work in the country’s booming sugar and cotton industries”, informed the news site.
They were buried less than a meter deep in the district Carabayllo of Lima, and the coffins contained also traditional Chinese artifacts, such as lighters and pipes for smoking opium.

The found took place because of excavations for installing new natural gas pipelines. Also, the archaeologist in charge of unearthing and preserving the findings, Cecilia Camargo, believes that more mummies will be found in the area.

These mummies could consist of three men, because of the clothes they are wearing, but more examination is needed to determine this with certainty.

Peru has numerous archaeological sites all over the country, and they represent different aspects of various cultures of its ancient history, such as the Moche and Nazca.

You can find fortresses and temples, as well as local sites considered to be a UNESCO World Heritage, like the Nazca Lines or Machu Picchu, for example.
A visit to Peru will definitely be filled with visits to several archaeological places, that enrich the experience like an unforgettable one. Have you come to Pery yet?

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(Cover Photo Global News)

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