Cosco Shipping And Volcan Will Invest $3 Billion US Dollars To Build A Port In Chancay


Martín Vizcarra, President of Peru, announced that the companies Volcan and Cosco Shipping will build a port terminal in Chancay with an investment of $3 billion US dollars.

“An agreement has been signed between a Peruvian company, Volcan, with a large Chinese company, Cosco Shipping, where they join efforts to develop a port terminal near Lima, in Chancay,” Vizcarra said, according to Gestión.

This agreement was informed by the vice-president, Mercedes Aráoz, who is currently in Davos, Switzerland participating in the World Economic Forum. It was here where both companies signed.

The goal is to create a hub for the entire South Pacific and it is intended to work together with Callao, due to the proximity of this port development”, Vizcarra told the media.

“The port terminal in Chancay will concentrate the cargo for the west-coast countries in South America and it will be the neuralgic point of China and Peru’s commercial connection.

(Cover Photo Wikimedia)

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