Environment Ministry Approves Regulations for the Management of Contaminated Areas


Companies and those responsible for the management of contaminated places will now have a set of modern and objective criteria to develop their work.

MINAM has just approved a plan for the management of contaminated places. Said plan will allow the evaluation of places in project areas, ongoing activities and the closure (partial or total) of abandoned properties.

In this way, national authorities that exercise functions within the scope of MINAM -those in charge of the regulation and promotion of productive, extractive and services activities- may regulate the evaluation of contaminated places in order to safeguard public health and environmental protection.

Provisions stated in these regulations will work according to certified standards and frameworks for environmental care.

Municipalities will be in charge of carrying out the adjustments. This decree will look at potentially polluting activities that contaminate the soil; specifically, those that use, handle, store, produce, emit or dispose of hazardous materials, substances or wastes that, due to their toxicity, mobility, persistence and/or lack of biodegradability, among other characteristics.

MINAM recalls that the evaluation and remediation of contaminated places is a highly relevant issue in Peru. This evaluation and remediation will contribute to the positive treatment of environmental impacts on the soil and protect the health of people and the environment itself. It is worth noting that eco-tourism is also among Peruvian’s government priorities and this decree will help quite a lot.

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