Feria Expo Amazónica Will Eliminate The Use Of Plastic Bags


The organizing committee of the Expo Amazónica 2018 that will take place in Pucallpa in the Ucayali region, announced that they will not deliver plastic bags in their food and beverages sale stands.

Instead, the fair will be using biodegradable packages made of natural resins of Amazonian plants.

“In this way, Expo Amazónica, which starts on Thursday 9 and ends on Sunday, August 12, joins efforts to care for the environment and in order to contribute to the purchase of certified carbon bonds from indigenous communities”, said Andina News Agency.

As reported, the organizers aim to make the most innovative fair of all those made so far, with the concept of sustainable Amazon, which will be the main concern.

Likewise, it is estimated that during the four days of the Expo Amazónica, 10,000 tons of carbon dioxide will be generated. That is why, thanks to Serfor, CAF, AIDER and Althelia Climate Fund, certified carbon bonds will be purchased from indigenous communities located in the buffer zone of Sierra del Divisor National Park, located in Ucayali and Loreto.

Plastic generates a great pollution in the environment and it takes many years to degrade.

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